Distributor Tour

Comprehensive solution for distributors
of tours, getaways and excursions.

From a single point of contact, it offers more than 8,000 tours, getaways and excursions available in more than 500 destinations in Latin America.

API Solutions

If you are a company that sells tours, getaways and excursions online on a large scale (OTAs, airlines, B2C portals, etc), or you are a distributor that sells through other sales channels, you can integrate with our API and sell or distribute our tours globally.

Whitelabel Solutions

If your company sells products or services in the tourism sector and you want to expand your offer to sell tours, getaways and excursions quickly and inexpensively, we have easy integration solutions via subdomain and/or widgets.

POS solutions for accommodation providers and vacation rental property managers

If you are an accommodation provider and you sell products or services to tourists in person, we have a POS solution for you to sell tours and excursions to your customers in person and get your commission instantly.

Travel Influencers Program

If you are a travel blogger, travel influencer, youtuber or tour guide and you want to generate extra income with your audience, this solution allows you to link our tours from your blog, Youtube channel, social networks or even share a link via WhatsApp or e-mail to your users or contacts and receive commissions every time someone you refer through a simple link book a tour in Turismoi.

También está disponible la opción de que crees tus propios tours y puedas comercializarlos a través de Turismoi.

Global distribution channels

Through API’s, white label digital catalogs, POS solutions and hundreds of affiliate programs with travel influencers
we distribute tours, getaways and excursions worldwide!

POS solutions for the sale of tours and excursions

Ideal for accommodation providers and vacation rental property managers.


You will immediately receive a confirmation e-mail with your data to access the sales panel.

Login to your dashboard

Here you will find thousands of tours available for sale. Use the filters to find and show you the ideal tours for your users and customers.

Make reservations for your customers

When your users and customers have chosen a tour, charge them the total value with your usual payment methods (POS, cash, etc), then add the chosen tour to the cart and make the payment with your credit or debit card. The system will charge you only 90% of the tour value, so you will retain 10% of your commission.

Generate extra income with our affiliate program.

Ideal for tour guides, Youtubers, travel influencers or anyone who interacts with travelers in Latin America.

Generate extra income with our Affiliate Program. After registering, you will access a very simple panel where you will be able to obtain your affiliate code. You will also be able to see there your referred sales and generated income.

If you are a travel influencer and you have a page on Facebook or Instagram or Youtbe channel or any social network, just generate the links in a few seconds from your panel and put them on your content pages and you will receive your commissions every time someone buys a tour on Turismoi.com having come from the links you shared.

If you are a travel blogger and you have tourism articles, you can link from your articles our tours or tour listings, by countries, cities, categories or activities and every time someone comes to Turismoi.com and make a reservation having come from your link, you earn a 10% commission for each purchase made by users.

If you are a carrier you can show from your mobile the tours to your travelers and send them via e-mail, WhatsApp or however you prefer, a link with the tour or tours they are interested in. If the traveler buys that tour or any other having arrived from your link, you earn a 10% commission.